Sunday, March 2, 2008

Don't Hesitate Ask Google

If you confused with Google AdSense or about TOS, you may ask them. They are very respectfull to answer your question. They will answer your question quickly. Google AdSense Policies very seriously. They can do everything with a member that have mistake or break their policies.

If you need to combine your ads google to another ads you must be carefull. Google Ads con not be joined with some other ads, so don't hesitate to ask google.

For genaral question you can contact

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Avoid Your AdSense Become Banned

Here is some ways to avoid your AdSense Become Banned...

1. Don Not Click Your Own

Google have a record ip address or proxy that you used to login your adsense account. It is by google to know from where the ads of you has been clicked. If google saw your ads has click from the same IP Address, google will consider that you do click your own ads. You will be banned.

2. Don't Aks Friends or Family To Do Click Your Ads.

It easy by Google to do analysis yours. from where your ads ofently clicked ..? from waht regions...? from waht IP..?. Please be consider this if you not want to be banned.

3. Do Not Hack or Modify Goolge AdSense Code

4. Do Not use illegal Software

illegal software means you used software that can access your web to do click. likes auto clicker that you made by your self or others made.

5. Do Not Provide Any Incentive For Clicking You Ads.

Don't do this because you will be banned by google.

6. Do Not pust any Ads or affiliate from other compotitors.

If you want to put others you need to ask google before. it can or not. you must give a reason or purpose of you to put others. Some Ads can put together whit Google Ads. some else google not want.

7. Do Not Send Your Ads via E-mail

HTML formatted emails allow placement of javascript Ads. but for we know. Google did not allow this.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

How To Create Google Account

Here is easy way to create google account

1. visit google to create email account
2. Fill form that google ask you